Why Choose Us?

As a graduating pediatric dentist, you face three general options to begin your new career.

  • You could join a large corporate dental group who will take care of the business while you take care of the patients. However, you will face the pressures of hitting production goals and know that a percentage of the profits are always moving upwards to the corporation.

  • You can enter an associateship with a dentist. Most dentists looking for an associate are seeking to retire and hoping to offer buy-in options within two years. Unfortunately, the patient base, equipment and office have aged and the dentist's methods may be outdated.

  • You might start your own solo practice. With the capital required up front to open an office and all the extra costs involved, from purchasing supplies and equipment to hiring and training staff, this option can be financially overwhelming. In today's financial market, it can be very difficult to secure the necessary loans and investment capital. A solo practice can take years to become profitable, and you might also have student loans to pay.

With Smiling Frog Group, there is a fourth option for a limited number of new pediatric dentists. We are offering qualified dentists everything necessary to start their dream office with a solid five year plan for ownership.

Your office will be up to date with the latest technology and equipment, your patient base and profits will grow quickly with the help of our experience in dentistry, and you will be completely independant. You will be the owner of a busy and very profitable office as soon as five years after graduation. As part of an exclusive group you will be unique in your market area.

More Great Things About Smiling Frog Group:

  • Tell us where you would like to work and we will help to scout out an ideal location

  • You will have your own company name, branding, and identity

  • We donít just help you by getting the business up and running, we teach you everything you will need to know to make business ownership easy when the time comes

  • World class themeing options will make your business stand out against other practicing dentists

  • Unique marketing opportunities will create buzz about your business before it even starts, such as our unique "travelling billboard"

  • Support with any aspect of your new business is available anytime

  • Benefits such as health insurance, malpractice insurance, paid license fees, continuing education, and after your first year we offer 401k installments and performance incentives

  • After the five year period is over, we donít just disappear. We are still available for consulting and marketing assistance

Business Hours: 9am Ė 5pm Central Standard Time Toll Free: 888.523.FROG (3764)
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