Smiling Frog Group is focused on the delivery of an exceptional pediatric dental experience from our theme based state-of-the-art equipped facilities to our refined patient care strategies. That is why we have chosen to partner with KSB Dental in implementing their DOX|Pedo Technology Suite.

DOX|Pedo is the only management / clinical software technology today made exclusively for pediatric dentists. This technology infrastructure allows SFG to truly fine tune all aspects of the business and clinical operations for pediatrics.

By selecting a technology partner that has served the pediatric community for 20+ years, we have a distinct advantage when it comes to managing our practices. Virtually all aspects of the business management and clinical patient care management benefit from an exclusive focus on family and working with children. This focus results in the ability to maintain an impressive level of quality while achieving significantly productive patient care levels.

State-of-the-Art pediatric clinical charting allows for a detailed charting of mixed dentition as well as unique childhood findings, such as supernumerary, congenitally missing, ectopic eruptions, over retained primaries as well as automated organization and tracking of treatment plans. This information flows easily to the front desk, while Scheduling and managing sibling activities together in one step is quick and easy. Nuances like recare notifications or text messages for the family save time and costs. Insurance estimating and filing with features like Real Time Elegibility make dealing with ever advancing insurance processing simple and easy.

This technology extends our interaction with parents/patients to kiosks in the reception area as well as web access from home. By never going to paper in the first place we greatly improve our flow while enhancing our parent's confidence that they are getting the very best in care for their children.

For further information about KSB Dental and DOX|Pedo Technology Suite, you can visit their website at


All Smiling Frog Group offices are furnished with the best and most up to date equipment. Due to existing customer relationships with vendors, we are able to secure better prices, ultimately passing those savings on to you.

We work with the dental industry's best suppliers to guarantee our offices can provide the highest quality service, giving patients the care that they deserve.

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