Office Management and Support

We will provide you with all of the necessary tools to start your office right now by taking care of the business end of things while you are learning the ropes.

When you start your office with Smiling Frog Group, we can take care of things like location scouting and development, themeing and marketing, and the recruiting and training of auxiliary staff. We will guide you through the important processes involved in the day to day running of the office, including onsite training with state of the art equipment and technology.

Our ultimate goal is to turn your office into a fully functioning, highly successful, independent dental practice.

Throughout your five years with Smiling Frog Group, we will help you everything you need to know about running your own business. We even provide 24 hour support should you ever find yourself requiring some extra help. Let us ease you into the business side of running your practice.

Business Hours: 9am 5pm Central Standard Time Toll Free: 888.523.FROG (3764)
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