The Five Year Plan

Smiling Frog Group will provide everything necessary to start up your dream pediatric practice today, with no up front capital investment. As part of this exclusive group, your practice will be unique in your chosen market area. You can live the reality of ownership in just five short years.

We've learned that support is essential when it comes to owning your own dental office. You and another pediatric dentist will build your practice over the next five years.

With our five year plan, you will hold a contract that details your first two years working as salaried dentists, concentrating on your growing patient base.

Through mentorship on both the clinical and business aspects of managing the office, you will be transitioned towards your new roles as pediatric dental practice owners.

Your contract will enable us to develop a prime location of your choosing, to furnish world-class themeing from Imagination Dental Solutions (IDS), and to build a growing and successful office.

If it is too early for you to commit to ownership, start your career now as a salaried dentist with Smiling Frog Group. At the end of two years, we will still extend an offer to buy-in, should you be interested and qualified.

Year 5 - Your profit-sharing increases with the final buy-in. Now you are the proud operator of a thriving dental practice, independantly owned by you and your partner!

Year 4 - Profit-sharing increases and the buy-in process continues. Your transition to ownership is well underway and the practice grows.

Year 3 - Buy-in options and profit-sharing begin at the start or end of this year.

Year 2 - The practice continues to grow while your mentors at SFG provide you with clinical and business support.

Year 1 - Your dream office is built and you begin to build a solid patient base.

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