Compensation is guaranteed. For your first two years with Smiling Frog Group, you will be paid a competitive salary. During this time, you will be learning from two dentists with a combined twenty-four years of experience as successful pediatric dentists.

Buy-in options and profit-sharing begin during your third year with us. The percentage of profits added to your salary increases in the fourth year, and then again in the fifth year.

At the end of five years, one hundred percent of the profits become yours as you and your pediatric dentist partner take ownership of your dental practice.

In addition to your salary, you will enjoy the immediate benefits of health insurance, malpractice insurance, continuing education, and paid license fees. After one year, you will also receive 401k installments and performance incentives.

Business Hours: 9am 5pm Central Standard Time Toll Free: 888.523.FROG (3764)
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