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An integral part of the Five Year Plan is providing the mentoring necessary to help you learn how to manage your own office. With Smiling Frog Group, you will have two successful dentists providing you with the knowledge necessary to help you grow your practice.

Dr. Patrick Martin and Dr. Tonya Triplett have over twenty-four years combined experience as practicing pediatric dentists.

Dr. Patrick Martin

Dr. Pat Martin attended dental school at West Virginia University. He received his certificate in pediatric dentistry from the University of Tennessee in 1998.

Upon graduation, Dr. Martin opened a 2400 sq. ft., 6 chair solo private practice in his hometown in West Virginia. He brought in his first associate in 2002, a relationship that lasted only 18 months. In 2004 another associateship was created, this one being successful and leading to a successful partner relationship.

In 2004 he and his partner moved the practice to an 11 chair, 5500 sw. ft. office. 2011 has seen another expansion, adding a third pediatric dentist and creating a 10,000 sq. ft. 22 chair practice themed by Imagination Dental Solutions.

Why am I part of Smiling Frog Group?

Smiling Frog Group allows a new dentist the opportunity to own their own practice sooner while avoiding expensive mistakes along the way.

I understand the difficulty in starting a solo practice right out of residency. It was very difficult to open an office from 800 miles away while still a resident at Tennessee.

I have been through all of the mistakes almost every new dentist makes including opening an office too small to grow efficiently with my expanding patient load. I ended up spending more money in the long run, quickly needing to move to a new larger office.

Practice management skills were not taught to me in dental school or in my pediatric training. I can safely say that I had to learn on the job. I would have jumped at the opportunity to have two mentors who were willing to assist me with the practice management side of my office. I believe that Smiling Frog Group will allow new dentists to avoid costly errors that come from inexperience and underestimating the success that is achievable.

Dr. Tonya Triplett

Dr. Tonya Triplett graduated from the University of Tennessee college of Dentistry in 1996 and received her certificate in pediatric dentistry in 1998, also from the University of Tennessee.

Upon graduation, Dr. Triplett took an associateship in Nashville, TN and worked there for four months. The associateship proved to be unsuccessful. She immediately began part-time work in Nashville while building a start-up office in Fayetteville, AR.

In May 1999, the start-up office opened in Fayetteville with a five chair office. Dr. Triplett took on her first part-time associate in 2001. In 2002 a larger office was built with another associate being added in 2003 and a third full-time associate in 2004. Dr. Triplett found her practice growing so quickly that this larger office was expanded in 2005, doubling the practice size once again.

Dr. Triplett's three associates have all become partners in her practice that continues to grow. In 2009 the need to add orthodontics to the practice was identified and a fourth orthodontic associate was added. 2010 saw the opening of a new office, completely themed by Imagination Dental Solutions. A new level of pediatric patient care has arrived in Fayetteville, AR.

Why am I part of Smiling Frog Group?

I believe that with Smiling Frog Group's support, graduating and newly practicing pediatric dentists will be successful much sooner without costly mistakes.

I initially wanted to start a practice with Dr. Martin as my partner. We were right out of residency and didn't believe that two pediatric dentists could make it in a startup practice. Through the challenges both Pat Martin and I faced we continued to communicate with each other all these years and have both built successful practices with help and support from each other.

We want to share our experience with other pediatric dentists, enabling them to provide a superior standard of care from the very beginning of their careers.

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